Hi! I’m Liz. I’m a wife, mother of a toddler with one on the way, daughter, friend, runner and teacher whose formal education is in biology and education. I’ve been spending the past couple of years learning how to fill all of those roles to the best of my ability and in doing so learned something interesting about me along the way — I love to create things. It started with creating baked goods for friends and family for all of our holidays and special occasions. Then I began to create a home in the lovely house I moved into when I was married, picking paint colors and tile and wallpaper. After deciding to create my own art for our walls, I realized that I truly loved creating things that were reflections of me and the things that I love — family, faith and home. Not only do I enjoy creating them, I love sharing them. Thus Salem Studio was born.

watercolor-pencils.jpg                                   IMG_2684                                IMG_7875

I’ve dabbled in more media of creation than I probably care to admit– block printing, intaglio printing, embossing, watercolors, embroidery, sewing, quilting… the list continues to grow. You’ll see a fair number of those products represented here. The inspiration never changes. It’s always about living the faith and my family.

It wouldn’t be fair of me to not credit the wonderful friends and loved ones who have helped me along this journey. The husband who hasn’t once balked when I begin a sentence with “So I’ve been thinking…” and has offered unending support in the low moments as well as the high. The parents who taught me to dream and then do because if I dream it, I can do it. The best friend who drinks the beer I need to pour for product photos, who has been a wonderful prototype tester from the very beginning, and has so very graciously accepted my art as gifts for office adornment with words of support and encouragement. The co-worker in the art department of Divine Child High School who not only gave me free tutoring but the confidence to try something that I had no experience in. The co-worker in the science department who has faithfully stood by me since I was a student there, encouraging me to grow and always, always, always learn something new. The son who is too young to know that he is my inspiration and that he will always be my constant reminder to fully live my existence as a daughter of God. There are countless others who have been with me on this journey who remain unnamed. They should know that I haven’t forgotten them. They’ve helped to shape the person I am for which I am eternally grateful.

Thanks for stopping by Salem Studio!