Mama Made

Mama Made



About two months ago, I began labeling all of my packages with this sticker before shipping. Two words. Simple. Succinct. But those two words represent so very many more ideas. They contain the purpose as well as the hopes and dreams I have for this little shop.

I started Salem Studio just before having my first kiddo. Shortly after, I quit my almost ten year teaching career to stay at home to direct my child’s formation and raise a future saint (fingers crossed!).  Fast forward and add another kiddo and that’s where we currently are. I started by making things I wanted around my own home to help my own faith life and to assist my family in liturgical living. I continue on with that inspiration but it’s become so much more. Those sweet faces that keep me home watch me as I sketch and sew and iron and paint and wire wrap beads. They see me update listings and email customers. They help me pack orders and accompany me to the Post Office as I drop orders in the mail. I keep working knowing they see my love and my labors. I hope I make them proud.

My dream for this little business isn’t to get rich. I’m not looking to make some huge profit off of selling devotional items. I want to help other people live their faith. I hope I bring them beauty and joy. Financially, I hope that this little shop is able to help pay part of the tuition for the Catholic school of my dreams for my kiddos. I know I could homeschool but I don’t believe I could teach my children as well as the lovely Dominican Sisters at Spiritus Sanctus Academy. The love of Christ and the pure joy that the Sisters share is positively infectious. As I labor, I dream that my kiddos will be infected with that love and joy.

Thanks for joining me on the journey and supporting my dream! With your help I hope I can turn Mama Made (and Mama Hoped and Mama Dreamt) into Mama Achieved.


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